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How To Create A Rate Card As A Micro Influencer


When it comes to brand collaborations, one of the most important things you’ll need to know, is how to create a rate card. There isn’t a ton of information floating around on rate cards and a lot of influencers are pretty HUSH HUSH on the topic. So I thought I’d create this video to give you some guidance on how to create a rate card as a micro-influencer.

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Canon Camera Lens Buying Guide For Influencers


As a photographer/blogger/influencer, I understand the importance of having a quality lens or two in my stash. Over the past several years, I’ve invested in a number of lenses to help me take better quality flatlays for Instagram and record better videos for YouTube. That is why I’ve created this Canon Camera Lens Buying Guide for influencers and bloggers.

In this video, I share my top 5 camera lenses that are both affordable and of great quality. In the end, I provide my top three lenses for influencers and bloggers looking to upgrade from the standard kit lens. 

Canon Camera Lens Buying Guide For Influencers

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