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17 Cheap Backgrounds for Flatlay Photography


When I first started shooting flatlays, one of my biggest questions was, what am I going to use for my backgrounds. And most importantly, which of my body parts would I need to sell in order to afford said backgrounds??!

After doing a bit of research and a lot of experimenting, I learned that there are plenty of cheap and affordable options when it comes to backgrounds for flatlay photography. Thank the Good Lord!

Truth be told, I find many of the backgrounds that I use for my flatlays inside of my bedroom. Things like bedsheets, fur rugs, desktops are common household items that make perfect backgrounds. And for those items that I don’t have readily available, like vinyl flooring or poster boards, I can find them for cheap at a nearby store. 

I put this article together to share 17 cheap backgrounds that I use for most of my flatlay photography. Grab your pen and paper and jump right in!

White Bedsheet

Faux Marble Contact Sheet

White Poster Board

Construction Paper

Linen Towel

Vinyl Flooring

Tile Flooring

White Desktop



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Decorative Pillows



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Baking Sheet / Tray

Fur Rug

There you have it, 17 cheap backgrounds for your flatlays. See anything you’d like to try? I recommend pinning this to a Pinterest Board so you don’t lose track of it!


I know better than anyone how frustrating and time-consuming creating flatlays can be. That is why I’ve started sending out beautiful flatlays to my email list, EVERY MONTH. Get this month’s free images at the link below!


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