Updates on My Dating Life

Hello everyone! Wow. It’s been a long time since I last updated this page. My apologies! I had a little run-in with the law, which led me to change my name and skip town for a little bit.


Yes. All of the above is true, except for none of it.

Honestly, I just got really busy with work and school (Oh yea, I’m a Trojan now! Fight on!). Although I’ve been on a break from posting, I have continued using OKCupid, Tinder (I know. I can’t be serious about life with this one), and most recently, Interracial Dating Central (because sometimes I like a little vanilla in my coco puffs ;-p ). Over the past few months, I’ve managed to form -2 relationships. No. That’s not a speck on your computer screen. I said negative 2 relationships! I’m actually making backwards progress!

photoThugs cry too.

So why haven’t I just given up and started a profitable chicken farm? Well, because for some reason, I still have hope! Even with my busy schedule, I’ve managed to squeeze in one or two dates here and there. Thus far, I’ve gone out with a homeless skier, a middle aged balding man and a really attractive middle eastern man who wanted to make out every few seconds (I didn’t have enough energy or EOS lip balm to be about that life). At present, I am not dating anyone and it feels strangely refreshing. I still have a few new guys knocking on my door, but I’m going to take some time to myself before I open the door to any more foolery.

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