Valentine’s Day Already?


This was my reaction when I walked into a CVS store, ONE day after Christmas, and saw Valentine’s Day decorations everywhere. I was equal parts appalled and flabbergasted. I mean, Santa Claus hadn’t even made his way back to the North Pole and they had already started making room for Cupid!

photo 2

Now, I understand that the Targets and Walmarts of the world need to make their money and thus they must advertise. But I’d greatly appreciate it if they showed a bit more sensitivity to the plight of the single woman. Think about it, we just endured a lonely Thanksgiving, a gift-less Christmas and now we have to be reminded, weeks in advance, of an impending lonely V-day?!??! It ain’t right!

My advice to anyone expecting (as if anyone expects it) to be alone this Valentine’s Day, stay far far away from . . . life . . . until February 15th.

You’re welcome.

Image courtesy of Wallsfeed

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