The First Kiss Diss


The other night, I went on a date with this guy. At the end of our outing, he walked me to my car and we lingered a bit. I must admit that I was not listening to a word he said because the entire time I was thinking, Is he going to try and kiss me?’ and ‘If he does try to kiss me, which matrix move will I have to pull to get out of the way?’

I eventually made my way to my door and he assisted me into my seat. He stood right next to me, said some joke about a kiss and then leaned in. My spider senses went into overdrive! I immediately lifted my left arm and softly pushed him away. He then said, “Well let me just kiss you on the cheek.” Before he could lean in too far, I pushed him away again, this time with a bit more force. Although this was all done in a playful manner, I felt HORRIBLE after the fact; so much so, that I ended up apologizing the next day!

I just really didn’t want to be kissed. But that was no excuse to diss him! *slaps self on wrist*

Has anyone else ever committed a first kiss diss?

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  • AmYYoung
    12/09/2013 at 8:17 PM

    Absolutely! When any guy tries to show a bit of affection towards me, I turn into a cold bitch. Its like something else just comes over me and I have no idea why I do it. I’m seeing a psychologist friend of mine though haha.