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Is Coffee Meets Bagel The New Tinder?

photo 1

I won’t waste much time answering the question, ‘Is Coffee Meets Bagel the New Tinder?’ It’s not. Whoever created this needs to reheat the coffee and toss out the stale bagels, because this app isn’t taking off anytime soon. Here’s why:

One Match Per Day

Similar to Tinder, CMB (Coffee Meets Bagel) scours through your Facebook connections to select potential matches. However, instead of selecting random FB users like Tinder, CMB pulls matches that are friends of your friends. Great. At least you’ll know that these weirdos are connected to someone you POSSIBLY know (Let’s be real. We don’t know half of the people we’re friends with on Facebook). Everyday at noon, you’re presented with a potential match. Just one. You then have an entire 24 hours to decide whether or not you want to Like or Pass on this person.

photo 3

24 hours?! Who needs an entire day to inspect a profile. Let me show you how long it takes me to decide whether or not I like someone :

Second 1 : Attractive? Check.
Second 2 : Tall enough? (sorry, you have to be a certain height to ride this ride)? Check.
Second 0.5 : Bats for my team? (I’ve dated a gay guy once. Accidentally. Never again.)? Check.

2.5 seconds! That’s all it takes. For what purpose would one need 24 hours? This rule was probably established because there are only about four active users on CMB? Why do I think this? Look at what they presented me with at 12:00pm, on my SECOND day of using the app:


-__- Rude.

Communicate with Matches Via Text

If, after 2.5 seconds or 24 hours, you’ve Liked a potential match and they’ve Liked you in return, the two of you can start communicating. . . via text.

photo 4

*hold the potatoes and applesauce*

Via text? *waves hand in the air Mariah Carey style* Oh heeeeeell no. Who wants to receive text messages from some random stranger they’ve only known for 24 hours?! At least with Tinder all communication is kept within the confines of the app, that way you can disconnect at any time (Trust me. You’ll need to disconnect!). How can one disconnect from a text message CMB?! How?! In their defense, they do hide your actual telephone number. But still, no.

For those of you interested in giving the app a try, here’s a look at what happens when you match with someone :

CMB Text

Whack. Done. Bye.

Online Love

“Are You Planning On Killing Me?”

Whenever I come across a guy that intrigues me, I like to toss out a question or comment that kind of tests his sense of humor. The problem? It’s kind of hard to relay humor via texts to someone you’ve never met. As such, I can sometimes come across as a crazy person! Oh well. I think it’s worth the risk. Because if I can’t make you laugh, and vice versa, it won’t work.

*getting to the point*
Yesterday, I had the following conversation with someone on Tinder (Me = Blue, Him = Grey) :

photo 2

I thought my question was funny!
But when I asked my coworkers (yes, we’re that close!) :
“What do you think he’ll say?”
They both replied :
“Nothing. He’s not going to respond! You sound crazy!”

They then went on to say, that because we’ve never met, he’s unfamiliar with my humor.
Due to this unfamiliarity, a question like “are you planning on killing me?” comes across as psycho!

OMG! I strongly disagree!
Well, I can totally see where they’re coming from. BUT, I need a guy that doesn’t take life seriously.
Anybody that’s scared away by a question like that, more than likely wouldn’t be compatible with me.

Moral of the story?


He responded!

*sings Beyonce’s Bow Down B*tches!*

Online Love

4 Types of Guys Found on Tinder

photo 3

As you all know, I’ve been a Tinder participant for a little over a week now.
And although I haven’t gone on any ACTUAL dates (stranger danger!), I’ve had fun.

Initially when I started Tindering, I thought finding something serious was at least a possibility. As the days progressed, I learned that most guys on Tinder aren’t serious about life…let alone finding a relationship. And judging from the comments in my previous post, I’m not the only one that feels this way.

I’ve received quite a few matches and messages (not to toot my own horn….but *toot toot* lol) and I seem to come across the SAME types of guys. (Sorry, I can’t attest to the types of girls that Tinder has to offer…as my swing doesn’t sway that way).

Here’s a breakdown of the four types of guys that I’ve come across thus far :

1. Mr. Corny.


You guys should already know how I feel about corny. I don’t understand why anyone would send this! Lol, I was so taken aback, I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure if this was a joke, if this was seriously something he wrote or if it came from some movie that I’m supposed to know. I just didn’t get it! In this case, I think a simple, “Hi. How are you?” would have sufficed.


Really?!?! “Care to volley and see if it’s a ball?” Lol. I can’t even begin to begin with this one!
Would this line work on any of you guys out there?

2. Mr. I’mSoHorny

Finding the pervs on dating sites is inevitable. Tinder is no different.
I don’t even entertain such foolery.


I already knew where this one was going!

3. Mr. I’mTooSexy

Some guys are just interested in pursuing a relationship with themselves. The only reason that they contact women is to get more validation of their hotness. Next!

4. Mr. ICan’tStopIWon’tStop



Some guys don’t know when or how to just give up. If you’ve messaged me and have not received a response, chances are that I’m not interested in talking. Sending MORE messages will not change that!
I guess, I could start flat out stating, “I don’t like you.”, but some guys don’t even comprehend that…or they see it as a challenge -_-.It’s really hard to set anything up, when I can barely hold a conversation past ONE day with these guys!

*sigh* maybe it’s…. *looks around the room*…me!? Lol.

I’d love to hear some success stories!


Online Love

Tinder – The New Craze in Online Dating

photo 3

So my friend introduced me to an app that has taken over my life!
Yesterday, I found myself hiding in my company’s bathroom stall so that I could continue to use it. For those of you who are trying to jump the gun…no it’s not Candy Crush (I never boarded that train). The app to which I’m referring is called Tinder.

If you haven’t heard of Tinder, grab a seat for this brief introduction.
Here’s how it works :

1. Create a Profile – Tinder allows you to select up to 5 photos (although I’ve seen someone with 7) from your Facebook page and upload them to your profile. The pics MUST come from your Facebook page. You’re then able to specify your sex, the desired sex, your age and the desired age range (although I keep seeing 18 year-old kids! I’m not about that life!).

photo 2

Besides the photos, the only other way to personalize your profile is with a brief tagline :


photo 5

2. Start Rating! The app allows you to either “Like” or pass on a person based on the photo that you see. If you like what you see in the first photo, you can visit their profile to view more images. Or if you’re a bit more impulsive, like me, you can pass judgement based on the first photo that you see. If someone’s photo isn’t buttering your biscuits, you can pass, simply by swiping their photo to the left. A big NOPE will appear across their face (lol so sad) and they’ll be banished to the world of the rejects.

Now, if you Like someone, you simply select the check mark. If they’ve already come across your picture and have also Liked yours, you’re considered a “Match”. Only after you’ve been Matched with someone, can you begin a conversation. I guess this limits the amount of random hit ups!


Once you’ve Matched with someone, you can either be the initiator and make first contact, or you can wait for your Prince Charming/Cinderella to message you.


All of your Matches are saved as well as your conversations.

What I really like about Tinder is that it allows you to see who thinks you’re hot (yes, it’s that superficial) without the fear of rejection. You don’t receive notice when someone Likes or dislikes your photo. You’re only contacted for positive news : a Match! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Has anyone else tried this Tinder app? If yes, please share your thoughts!