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New Hair for the Winter


It’s been a while since I last wore my 24-inch hair extensions (and by “a while”, I do mean a few weeks). But with winter just around the corner, I figured this was the perfect time to bring them back out and get my Beyonce on!

So here are a few pics from earlier today, after I curled my hair with a 1-inch curling iron. Enjoy!



Hair company:
Lengths: 14 – 24 inches
Luster: Low and Medium
Ounces: 12


Five Signs That It’s Time to Uninstall Your Hair Extensions

Ladies, we’ve all been guilty of keeping hair extensions in for too long. Well, I know I have!

There were times when my hair extensions were hanging on to nothing more than a prayer and a dream. And I was absolutely shameless! You couldn’t tell me anything! Then one faithful day, I realized that I was losing my hair!

Uh-Uh. Something had to give. And it certainly wasn’t going to be any more of my hair! I soon discovered (the hard way) that I was keeping my hair extensions installed for far too long. I needed to transition into better weave-wearing practices.

So after months of trial and error, I came up with a list of tell-tale signs that will help us all determine when it’s time to just…let…go.

Let’s get started!

1. Unruly New Growth. If your new growth has caused your hair extensions to “grow” from 12 to 20 inches, I think it’s time to uninstall. New growth is great. But after being tucked away for so long, it will start to wrap around itself and cause irreparable damage.

2. Unpleasant Odor. If you’ve ever worn hair extensions, you already know the smell! The one that shampoo and conditioner can’t mask. Yea, that one. Let’s keep it real! Nobody wants to smell that. So if you ever notice an unpleasant order originating from above your neck, I’d recommend uninstalling and giving your natural hair a good wash down.

3. Tracks Hanging On For Dear Life. Bobby pins can only do so much people! If there’s ever a point where you have 50+ bobby pins holding up 2.2 tracks, it’s time to let it go! Just uninstall.

4. Permanent Ponytail. Hair extensions are not cheap. And I don’t know about you all, but I don’t buy them to keep them trapped in a permanent ponytail. If you find that your tresses have lost their lust for life, go ahead and put them out of their misery. They shouldn’t have to live like that and neither should you!

5. Shedding. If you’re leaving behind more hair than a cancerous kitten, the only thing left to do is uninstall. Seriously. There is no bigger crime in life than leaving behind trails of hair everywhere! Uninstall. Trust me, the remote, the kitchen sink, the mattress and the children will thank you!


And that’s it! These five simple tips will save us all from unnecessary headaches and hair loss. And I’m sure there are even more helpful tips! If you think of any others, please feel free to leave them in a comment down below!


The Perfect Short Hairstyle For Summertime Dates

Summer, summer, summertime!

Yes! Summertime is here! You KNOW what that means, right? It’s time to cut down those tresses and try on something short and sassy. If you’re a commitment-phobe like me and you can’t imagine cutting your natural hair, invest in some hair extensions and let your imagination run wild!

This short hairstyle is really new for me. I usually wear my hair long (My hair = my hair extensions. For all the hair police out there, before you even open your mouth, I see you.). However,  this LA heat makes it almost impossible to wear any hair length that’s past my ear lobes! Lord knows that i’m not going to sit myself across from some FINE gentleman and start sweating like a southern farm animal. No ma’am. So this will be my go-to hairstyle until it starts to cool down a bit. It’s super versatile. I can wear it straight, curly, wavy, wild and free. You name it! This summer won’t know what hit it!

If you’d like to try this look out without hair extensions, say a little prayer and visit your local hair salon. If you’re interested in recreating this look with hair extensions, check out some of the following sites :

You’re welcome 😉


Rainy Days Call For Curly Hair


It is getting really cold in Los Angeles. And I’m not talking about that 60 degrees type “cold” that east coasters call summer. It is LITERALLY 39 degrees right now! I can neither cope nor comprehend!


In the interest of staying warm this winter season, I’ve been wearing my Arjuni Curly D hair extensions. Check out that ear coverage!

My only concern with this hair style is that, Corporate America might think it’s “a bit much”. To that I say : “Screw you! I’m cold!”





photo 2

Hair Extension Specifications :

Company :
Pattern : Curly D
Lengths : 8 – 18 inches
Luster : Low (top), Medium
Ounces : Too many

Hair Onye

Photos From This Weekend’s Surprise Bridal Shower


Well, if I’m not going to get married anytime soon, there’s no reason why others shouldn’t! This past weekend, I attended a “surprise” (the bride was FULLY aware) red-themed bridal shower for my little cousin. I’ve watched her grow up and now I get to cheer her on from the sidelines as she walks down the aisle. I’m so happy for her!


The set up


Me and the girls. And by girls I mean, my curls.


Things got a bit raunchy!
OMG! This had to be THE single most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been involved in. The stripper couldn’t dance. He had tan lines on his booty and we were all through with him after about five minutes. I felt bad because NO ONE was giving him money, so I threw out a few desperation dollars and then closed my eyes for the rest of the show. The struggle was real for this stripper!


Hair Extension Specs

Company :
Pattern : Curly D
Lengths : 8 – 18 inches
Luster : Low (top), Medium
Ounces : Too many


Arjuni Curly C Hair Extensions After A Fresh Wash

This was a photo that I took of my Curly C hair extensions two years ago.
They were magnificent then…..and they still are :
Here is a photo of the same hair, taken this morning.
I love this hair style because it’s super natural when freshly washed.
And I can also brush it out for a larger than life type of look.
Still in love after all this time!

My Favorite Hair Style

I said it before. And I’ll say it again.
I friggin love this hair!
Arjuni (
Pattern : Wavy C
Luster : low Medium Luster/Low Luster piece on top
Ounces : 9
Lengths : 14 – 18in
Color : Natural Dark Brown

Hair Extensions 101 : How To Properly Cleanse Hair Extensions/Wigs

My short Curly C hair extensions are my prized possession lol.
As such, I don’t play when it comes to cleansing and conditioning them.
I’ve had these extensions on a wig for about……4 – 5 months now.
And it was overdue for some maintenance.
I know wigs are very popular right now. So I thought it would
be helpful to provide a tutorial on how I keep my tresses looking sparkly and pretty
Here is my wig looking tired and exhausted lol. It just needs some love!
I had an extension in the back that was holding on for dear life, so
I snipped it off and sewed it back on.
I then used a Denman brush to prepare the extensions for the wash.
Here she is all brushed out. She’s a light brown beauty 😉
Products used :
Herbel Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner.
Africare 100% Glycerin (love this stuff!)
I prepare for the wash by adding some shampoo…
and glycein to a tub of water.
I allow the wig to soak in the water for a few minutes.
I add some more shampoo to the extensions…and begin the cleansing process.
It’s important to cleanse the hair in a downward motion so as
not to cause unnecessary tangling.
Rinse. (You can repeat this process if desired. I typically only
shampoo once).
After the extensions have been thoroughly cleansed, I add some conditioner…
..and of course, some glycerin.
I massage these products into my hair and the curls immediately
start to take shape.
I then rinse the conditioner from the extensions.
Some people leave the conditioner in the hair…some use a leave-in.
I typically don’t. I prefer no products at all.
I plop/plunk the hair in a towel.
It’s pretty much an up and down motion to amplify the curls.
I then drop the curls down onto themselves and allow the hair to set for about 10 – 20mins.
This is the hair after shampooing, conditioning, and plopping.
I allow the hair to air dry on a flat surface in the sun.
Here the hair is 50% dry. The curls are starting to get their swerve on!
And here is the hair 100% dry!
Curls galore!
I’ll be back a bit later with the hair on my head.
If you all have any questions, feel free to drop them down below. :)

Straightening My Arjuni Low Luster Wavy C Hair Extensions

I’m in the process of recording a new YouTube video…(yes it’s a process lol).
I rarely wear my Low Luster (close to Medium Luster) Wavy C custom blend…
mainly because I had a closure on it at first, and it was
a bit too wiggy for my liking.
I recently remade the wig sans the closure. And
I am LOVING the results.
I’ll be straightening and styling it up tomorrow.
Stay tuned for the final results!
Here are a few photos of the hair brushed out :


Hair Extensions 101 : How Often Should You Wash Your Hair Extensions?

 Don’t be that chick!
I remember sitting at my desk…minding my own business, when all of a sudden,
I was attacked by the most heinous smell. I thought to myself :
 “Self, is that you? I know you showered today! *sniffs pits*
Then I reached up and scratched my head. And that’s when it hit me…
My hair smelled absolutely repulsive!
Now I haven’t worn weaves in a long time, so it’s been
a while since I was last confronted by that smelly-smell-smell!
But it can and does happen to the best of us. We get too tied up with
work, school and/or our relationships.
And we forget to wash the most important part of our body.
Our hair!
How often should hair extensions be washed?
How often you wash your hair is really a matter of personal preference.
I typically wear straight or wavy hair extensions.
As such, I am unable to shampoo/condition my hair everyday.
That would entail straightening my natural hair quite frequently.
Which would eventually lead to me walking around looking like
a bald headed scallywag! No ma’am!
What worked best for ME was washing my hair extensions/natural hair
at least once a week. And if you’re wearing a more natural install,
you could possibly get away with washing 3 – 4 times a week.
Tips for washing hair extensions
I used to engage in
all the wrong hair washing practices.
One time I cleansed my hair and I ended up with knots
in every place imaginable. I pretty much destroyed a $200 investment
due to my lack of hair-washing knowledge.
Over the years, I’ve learned the proper way to shampoo and condition
hair extensions. And I’m hopeful that these tips will help
save you all $200 or more!
Tip 1. Always, always, always comb your hair out prior to hopping in the shower.
Unless you like combing out tangles, this is a crucial step!
Tip 2. I like to start things off with conditioner as opposed to shampoo.
This is just personal preference. I find that the conditioner softens the hair
so that you don’t have to put up too much of a fight with your hair
when it comes time to shampooing.
And unless your hair is really filthy, I’d even recommend skipping the
shampoo altogether. Conditioners have a cleansing agent as well :).
My favorite shampoo/conditioner duo is : Giovanni’s Tea Tree Triple Treat
Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner. Works wonders!
Tip 3. Make certain to shampoo/condition your hair in a downward motion.
When you get to scrambling your hair up and washing it in any kind of way,
you can cause severe tangling and matting.
Tip 4. While the conditioner is still in the hair, use a comb/brush to remove
any remaining tangles.
I like to use a Denman brush.
Tip 5. To enhance the pattern of your hair, plop/plunk it in a towel. To learn more about
plopping/plunking, please check out this link
here :
Tip 6. Before I allow my hair to dry, I like to apply an ACV rinse.
An ACV rinse for ME, entails putting 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
into a small bottle of water. I then pour this mixture all over my hair
and then immediately rinse it out.
The biggest mistake you can make here is using too much ACV.
I’ve heard of people using mixtures of half water and half ACV!
*shakes head* No! That’s way too much lol.
You’ll end up smelling like a rancid rabbit. Trust me!
Hair after an ACV rinse.
Look at that curl!
It’s a thing of beauty :)
Tip 7. Do NOT put hair in the microwave. Just don’t lol.
Tip 8. To maximize curl/wave potential, allow hair to air dry on a flat surface.
If you hang your hair up to dry, the weight of the water and products
will pull the hair downward, thus loosening the curl/wave.
Drying on a flat surface in front of a window
Hair hung up to dry has a looser pattern.
Hair allowed to dry on a flat surface.
The most important thing to remember here is :
Don’t be that chick! Wash your weave girl!