Revlon’s Sultry Sable Lipstick Paired with Mac’s Currant Lip Liner

I’ve ALWAYS hated wearing lipstick. I just felt like they made my lips look like a colorful massacre!
Recently, I decided to give them another go. However, this time around, I watched some YouTube videos, spent some time with a MAC specialist and prayed to Jesus, Mary and Joseph for guidance.
And now . . . I’m in love!
I don’t know what it is about lipstick, but it just brightens up the face and makes you look radiant.
The other day at work, my boss walked by my desk and said :
“Cynthia, you look very glamorous today!”
-_- No, I didn’t make that up! Lol.
All I did was add some lipstick to my routine and Boom Boom Bam #Glamour!!
Specifications :
Mac Currant Lip Liner
Revlon Sultry Sable Creme Lipstick (646)
I can’t wait to explore more colors!

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