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Perfect Date Night Outfit


When girls get ready for a date, we usually pull out all the stops : fitted dresses, 4 inch heels, ‘take me I’m yours’ red lipstick, pushup bras, 26 inch hair extensions. We stop at absolutely nothing to look flawless! But what happens when your date says, “Let’s go to the movies.” ? I don’t know, but stripper-height heels may not be the most appropriate thing to wear. Unless, of course, you’re about that life.

If ever you’re in doubt about what to wear on a date, take a look at Karla’s Closet. Karla has an amazing and diverse sense of style and she’s helped me through many ‘What the hell am I going to wear?’ nights!

These photos, taken from her website, illustrate how you can look cute and casual for a simple date at the movies.




Lastly, can we take a moment to acknowledge how awesome Karla is?!  Seriously, I want to marry her closet and have little Prada bag babies.

Outfit deets :
Citizen of Humanity Jeans, Ray-Ban Aviators, Gucci Sandals, Sweater (vintage store)

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