No Shade…But That Is NOT Your Shade


 Do any of you have that ONE friend who continuously wears the WRONG shade of make up? I notice this ALL too often. What seems to be so obvious to me, goes unnoticed by the mismatched make up cultprit. I feel as though you should be able to look in the mirror and check to see if you look like Casper the friendly ghost. Unless, you’re going for that look (I can’t imagine why one would be), I don’t see why a person wouldn’t correct the problem.

But maybe the problem is not with the person who wears the wrong shade of makeup, but with their “friends”. If you smile in the face of your friend, without telling them that their make up is down right scary and offensive, then you do your friend a HUGE disservice! They need to know that they are wearing the ABSOLUTE wrong shade of makeup and that everytime they walk out of the door, they are making a fool of themselves.

I guess it’s not always easy to be upfront and honest, even with your friends. So what would you all do, if you knew someone who constantly wore the wrong shade of make up? Tell them? Or keep it pushing and assume they’ll figure it out eventually?

Photo courtesy of Marin – FreeDigitalPhotos

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  • South Loop Social Light
    06/07/2010 at 8:33 PM

    I agree with you and I’m glad you posted pics of Golden because she is by far the WORST offender. In Hollywood they throw on so much powder at times that it causes that washed out look – – but when I started experimenting with makeup this was one of the first lessons my mother taught me (and to blend the neckline lol). It’s a shame that with all of the wonderful makeup lines out there now catering to all the colors in the rainbow (MAC, NARS, Makeup Forever) people still struggle with finding their color. There is no excuse!!!

    Sidebar: I just discovered your blog and LOVE it!! Keep cranking out the posts… you have a new follower lol

  • Valerie
    06/11/2010 at 5:39 PM

    i just tell them whats up…because i think its just the worst thing you can do…goin out with the wrong shade is like super horrible. and if my friend would be mad at me then pls be my guest and run arround like a fool lol
    xox valerie