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I’m Attracted to Black Girls

photo 4

For whatever reason, I still have an account on OkCupid. Every now and then, I receive a message that makes me want to delete my account and my existence on planet Earth. For example, yesterday I had the following conversation with a Caucasian man (his race is pertinent to this story) :


“I’m attracted to black girls?” Uhm, thank you? I love lamp! Lol, I really didn’t know how to respond to the randomness that was this guy’s message. What was the purpose of him specifying that he’s attracted to black girls? Was it to make me feel comfortable? Was it because it’s such an anomaly for a white guy to like black girls? What?! I feel like he wanted me to shuffle my feet and jump for joy. No ma’am.

I then went on to ask him what it is about black women that he finds attractive.

photo 2

“I just am.” <—I’m sorry but this is not an appropriate response to any question after the age of five. “And I think there beautiful.” First of all, it’s “they’re”. Second of all, have you met my friend Punctuation? Third of all, not good enough!

Bye Felicia!

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