If Men Were Cars, Would You Date The Honda or The Ferrari?


The other day my colleague made the following assertion :

 Men are like cars. And just like cars, they can be put into two categories : Luxury (e.g., Ferraris) or Regular (e.g., Hondas). When it comes to selecting a man to date, you should always pick the Honda over the Ferrari. Unless, of course, you want to end up alone with three little mini coopers (kids/children) to look after. (I added that last line, but still you get the point.)

The Case For Dating The Honda

Hondas are dependable, low-maintenance, decent-looking and will get you to the finish line (house and kids) with no problem. Men who fall into this category are not your CEOs or professional ball players. They’re your store managers, your accountants (God knows we love them), the ones who, ironically, sell Hondas. You won’t be able to luxuriate (love that word with all its pretentiousness) in the finer things in life when dating this type of guy. However, what you will get is stability; house, kids, time, fidelity . . . all of that.

You can leave a Honda unlocked, with windows down and gold plated seats. No one will make a ploy to steal it. The same applies to guys in this category. They’re not necessarily a hot commodity. There’s nothing flashy or eye-catching about them. This limits their exposure and attractiveness to what some like to call, heaux. They’ll also be completely faithful to you (once they make it the age of maturity…at 45ish?). They more than likely won’t work strenuous hours (unless they’re an accountant . . . my God, do they sleep?!), which means they’ll have more time to spend with you and to build and maintain a family. Like a Honda, they’re a very safe and secure option.

 The Case For Dating The Ferrari 

Vroom! Vroom! The Ferrari is attractive, high-maintenance, edgy and in high demand. This category is for your CEOs, your politicians and any other position requiring a certain degree of egotism. Men who fall into this category are handsome and/or rich (to some, they mean the same thing). They’re not sweeping the floors of McDonalds, they’re in positions of power with the wherewithal to buy your entire life. Due to their flashiness and high status, these men are usually found on everybody’s radar. Women want to screw them. Men want to be them. Think about it. What do people usually do when they see a bright red Ferrari roll down the street? They stop, stare and say : “I want that.”

When you have a man that’s handsome, rich and in a position of power, know that you’re not the only one that wants him and that will partake in him. He may be faithful. He more than likely will not be (You can’t stick a kid in a candy store and expect him/her not to eat. Have you SEEN Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory?!). He’ll work long hours and have many “late nights”. However, what you lose in stability and fidelity, you make up for in luxury and excitement. These men live fast and fancy lives. If they find value in you, they’ll spoil you rotten; fancy trips, expensive clothes. You name it, you got it. Some people aren’t about that life, but if you are, this type of guy may be a viable option.

What do you think?  If men (or women) were cars, which would you pick : the Honda or the Ferrari?

Image courtesy of Foto76, FreeDigitalPhotos

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