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15 Signs that You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

Not everyone gets to live a hop, skip and a jump away from their better half. Some of us are involved in, what I’ve deemed, struggle-lationships (trademark pending). What’s that you ask? It’s when two people struggle to make a relationship work while living miles and miles apart. Not sure if you’re in a struggle-lationship? Check out these 15 signs:


1. When you’ve taken virtual dating to an all new extreme :



2. When you’ve become far too comfortable with doing things by yourself :



3. When you find joy in absolutely nothing until you’re reunited with your better half :

4. When you become extremely attached to your phone :



5. When your lover takes forever to respond to your text and you get a little upset :



6. When you see your phone bill at the end of the month and start questioning life :



7. When you see your bank statement (those flights aren’t cheap!) at the end of the month and start searching for the nearest cliff :



8. When you see couples out and about and respond accordingly :



9. When you start counting down the months, weeks, hours and minutes until you get to see your love :



10. When you start planning visits around important dates in your lives :



11. When you try to have a Skype date with your babe, but the internet decides to take the day off :



12. When it’s been so long since you’ve seen each other, that your friends start wondering whether or not you’re really in a relationship :



13. When it’s been so long that you start wondering the SAME DAMN thing :



14. When you guys finally meet up and it’s kind of awkward for those first few minutes :



15. When you guys part ways once again and it’s back to :


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Every Girl’s Gotta Have That ONE Hat


One day I woke up and decided that I needed (okay, maybe not needed, but REALLY REALLY wanted) a cool new hat.

Although the want was real, I wasn’t ready to make a big financial commitment for this fancy head ornament. As such, I went to Forever21! Their pieces are always priced pretty reasonably.

As soon as I visited the Accessories page, I found this brimmed burgundy hat. It was love at first sight! I paid. It came. I loved! It’s now my favorite hat in my collection (And I own a lot of hats!).

Peep more pics below!




Hat – Forever21
Scarf – H&M

These particular items may not be on the website anymore. However, they have so many other (equally awesome) options!



H&M and Forever 21 Haul

Ya’ll…I haven’t been shopping in 11 months!
I was overdue for some retail therapy, so
I hit up H&M and Forever 21 and lost my little mind.
I bought these cuties for my feet.

Super comfy! (Oopsie. It’s a bit twisted)

Saw this cute little blue blazer and HAD to have it. 
The camera made the color look a bit funky.

I just realized that this midriff shirt is a size 12 -_-
But it works!!

OMG! I saw this dress on one of the mannequins and I was
immediately sold!
Love the color.

This one is a poncho type sweater thing. 
My bf said I look like Jesus when I wear it -_-


Shirt/dress (Depending on the weather)

I think I’m done with shopping….for now heheehe. I needed that therapy!


Me….As I See It….

That’s me lol…..marching to the beat of my own drum.
A little bit about myself:
I’m a recent graduate from one of the top public universities in the nation. I, like many others, did not have the best of starts in life. I attended schools in the inner cities for majority of my life. I went to the BEST of the WORST elementary schools, the BEST of the WORST middle schools, and the BEST of the WORST high schools….but somehow…someway…I wound up at the Best of the Bests Universities. As much as it would stroke my ego to take full credit for such an accomplishment….I can’t.
The Better Part of Me:
My wonderful parents, born and bred in Nigeria, came over here to the United States to lay the foundation of a better future for their unborn children. I, along with my three siblings, are Nigerians through and through. Because my parents had to work so hard, not for themselves, but for me and my siblings, failure and mediocrity are just not an option for me. And that is why I am where I am now. The foundation that my parents worked so hard to build and keep steady and stable, is what keeps me balanced and helps me on my way to the top.

Ok….that’s it….I swear that’s as serious as I’ll get. But when it comes to talking about myself…hommie don’t play that lol.
Shout out to my boo luv1child 411 for putting me on to this blogging business! :)