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Purple Addiction with Mac’s Heroine Lipstick


If you haven’t noticed, I have a strange obsession with purple lipsticks. I think I’ve purchased over five different shades (although my best friend thinks they all look the same) in the past month. I can’t help it! Purple shades tend to look really good on my skin tone.

Thus far, MAC’s Rebel has been my favorite. However, I recently picked up Heroine, which is a moderately bright, matte purple lipstick. It’s slowly becoming one of my favorites!




photo 4

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

photo 5

Hair Specs

Company :
Pattern : Wavy B + Wavy C (straightened)
Lengths : 12 – 24 inches
Luster : Medium
Ounces : Too many to count but about 12


Revlon’s Sultry Sable Lipstick Paired with Mac’s Currant Lip Liner

I’ve ALWAYS hated wearing lipstick. I just felt like they made my lips look like a colorful massacre!
Recently, I decided to give them another go. However, this time around, I watched some YouTube videos, spent some time with a MAC specialist and prayed to Jesus, Mary and Joseph for guidance.
And now . . . I’m in love!
I don’t know what it is about lipstick, but it just brightens up the face and makes you look radiant.
The other day at work, my boss walked by my desk and said :
“Cynthia, you look very glamorous today!”
-_- No, I didn’t make that up! Lol.
All I did was add some lipstick to my routine and Boom Boom Bam #Glamour!!
Specifications :
Mac Currant Lip Liner
Revlon Sultry Sable Creme Lipstick (646)
I can’t wait to explore more colors!

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

I’ve been using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation for a while now,
but I’d been using it only as a highlight.

I recently picked up a darker color so that I can see how it performed as a foundation.
One word : LOVE! I absolutely adore it! It gives me a really matte finish and it stays on throughout the day. LOVE!!
Here I am pre-foundation :
 And here are some photos post foundation :

I’m going to try it out for a few weeks to see how my skin reacts to it. But so far….so good!

3D Nail Art

I said this before, and I’ll say it once more….the ladies of Cambodia are ridiculously creative! I think I kept it pretty simple this time around, but they had some pretty unique designs to choose from. They even got it popping with the 3D ribbon. I think I found a new monthly routine :-) What do you guys think?


Cambodian Finds

It’s no secret….I’m addicted to shopping. I would drop some serious cash shopping in the states! The beauty of shopping in Cambodia is that EVERYTHING is so cheap….and those cheap prices are QUITE negotiable lol. This is how the convo usually goes…

Me : How much is this?
Vendor : $10, but $9 for you
Me : $9!!!! Uhm….no. I’ll give you $5
Vendor : $5….no no
Me :  Ok…..bye *walks away*
Vendor : “Ok ok…I give you for $5
Me :    😀

Homechick was tryna hustle me out of $11 for these jeans…I said no ma’am! And she had the audacity to tell me that they’re one size fits all 0_o…..and I get home and I can BARELY get these things over my ankles lol.

…can’t breathe

Lol, I just bought this shirt because I need some shirts to work in. When I got home,

I noticed what it said on the back and fell in LOVE lol.


Lol, these little critters are EVERYWHERE in Cambodia…..literally. It’s only right to have one on my shirt.

Got a lil too fancy in my room lol

I LOVE this necklace so much. I have no clue where I’d wear it, but it’s GON GET WORN! It’s made out of coconut! So resourceful lol, cuz coconuts are EVERYWHERE as well.

Tis all!

Beauty Onye

My New Cambodian Dresses

I went to the Central Market today and managed to purchase four dresses for less than 25 bucks! I probably wouldn’t wear any of these dresses in the States. However, in order to battle the extreme heat that’s coming our way and to stay cute, this is what I have to do!

The clothes that they sell usually fall into the category of “one-size fits all”. If it doesn’t appear to fit, then that’s just it lol. So far, everything’s fit pretty well.

I’ve officially found my new Cambodian hobby :).


My MAC Makeup Must Haves

I was in such a rush to pack for my move to Cambodia that I didn’t get a chance to stop by the MAC store and stock up on my makeup essentials….I’ve been using makeup quite sparingly here, because I was running low on EVERYTHING.

This was all the powder I came with….#sad

I brought this HIP Cream Eyeliner that was drier than the Sahara Dessert. This mess dries up before I can even think about opening it! HIP…it’s time for a relaunch!

Last night, we had a wonderful visitor from the states who brought us some goodies!!

These are my MAC Makeup Must Haves!

I’ve decided to give MAC’s Fluidline a try. It can’t be worse than that HIP product…it just can’t.

Embark Eyeshadow – By far my FAV MAC eyeshadow. I not only use it as eyeshadow, I also use it for my eyebrows, and sometimes to contour my face. Very versatile!

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Deep Dark – LOVE this stuff. I’ve been dying without this product because I didn’t have anything to set my foundation with. And for everyday wear, I usually only use powder.

And last but not least…..Spiked Eyebrow Pencil. I can not LIVE without this product. It makes a helluva difference when it comes to eyebrow definition.