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It’s Totally Okay To Buy Your Own Gifts For Christmas!




A few years ago, Santa Clause and I started playing a game. It’s PRETTY simple really. Every year for Christmas, the big Saint Nick skips over my house and leaves not ONE Christmas present under my tree. He finds it amusing. Me? Not so much:


So in anticipation of not receiving anything from Santa this year, I picked up a few gifts for myself. Take that Big Red!


As embarrassing as it is to admit, I’ve been using the SAME blush for years now. YEARS! So when I saw these gorgeous baked blushes from Black Radiance for only $5, I had to stock up! Best decision I could have made. 

From left to right the shades are: Raspberry, WarmBerry and ToastedAlmond.


In all honesty, the only reason I purchased Loreal’s Infallible Pro-Spray Set Makeup Extender (now that’s a mouthfull!) is because of the container. Look how sexy it is! Whether it works or not, it’s a keeper.


Lastly, I purchased LORAC’s Dazzlig Dozen 2 set of 12 eyeshadows. Hautlook was having a pretty good holiday sale, so I snatched these up for under $30!

And that’s it!
Merry Christams and Happy Holidays peeps!


Pür Cosmetics Eye Polish Swatches and Review


I recently got a chance to play around with some of Pür Cosmetics‘ popular Eye Polishes. In short, they are awesome!


What I found very interesting about the Eye Polishes is that there’s a net material that sits on top of the actual product. I had never seen such a thing before. Needless to say, I was intrigued! Another thing that caught my attention is the fact that the shadows are pretty moist.


Here you can see (hopefully!) that the product has a bit of a liquid/cream consistency. However, once the Eye Polishes are applied, they dry almost instantaneously and leave behind super shimmery colors.

These bad boys can be used in so many different ways. They can be applied as a base, to amplify your eye shadow. They can be worn as a top coat for dramatic and sultry makeup looks. Or, they can be used as an eyeliner. So many options. The choice is yours!


Here are swatches of five out of six of the different Eye Polish colors. From top to bottom they are: Caviar, Suede, Velvet, Silk & Cashmere.


7 MAC Lipsticks Every Makeup-Wearer Should Own

One of the hardest parts about shopping for lipstick is that there are SO many options! I mean, have you been to a MAC counter before? The options are limitless!

In order to make your life a bit easier, I’ve come up with seven MAC lipsticks that every girl (or guy) should have in his or her repertoire. And here they are:





Ruby Woo









Girl About Town


Flat Out Fabulous



Lady Danger



What would you add to the list?



MAC’s Magenta Lip Pencil + Heroine Lipstick [Product Review]


Along with Currant, Chestnut and Nightmoth, MAC’s Magenta lip pencil should be a staple in any makeup wearer’s tool kit. It’s so vibrant, colorful, smooth, and the best thing about it is that it can be worn by itself or paired with a lipstick for a nice color boost.


My favorite lipstick to pair Magenta with is Heroine.


 Here is a look at the Magenta lip pencil on its own.


And here is a side-by-side comparison of the two. Completely different colors and hues, but when combined together, it’s magical!

Magenta Lip Pencil



Magenta Lip Pencil + Heroine Lipstick



Beauty Hair

Shea Moisture’s “Yucca & Baobab” + “Yucca & Plantain” [Product Review]


A friend of mine, who is VERY familiar with the #naturalhairstruggle that is my life, suggested that I try Shea Moisture’s “Yucca & Baobab” products out on my hair.

I’m purposely leaving out the part of the story where I told her that I was stalking one of her friends who has a BEAUTIFULLY full head of natural kinks, which she wears in this GLORIOUS afro. Seriously, amazing!

Yes, I’m going to leave that part out, because I’m kind of obsessed with her hair and if I go into any more detail, I’ll sound like a crazy(ier) pants.


After reading about these Shea Moisture products, I immediately ran out to the nearest Target to grab them off of the shelf. Best. Decision. Ever! 

Here is what I ended up purchasing:


Yucca & Baobab ~ Anti-Breakage Masque


Yucca & Plantain ~ Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner


Yucca & Baobab ~ Thickening Shampoo

First things first, this stuff smells AMAZING! It’s like nostril heaven and I fell in love after the first (second and third) whiff! Whether these products worked or not, the smell was enough to keep me going back for more. Fortunately, for me (and my wallet) they did work!

Each one does a really great job of moisturizing and softening my hair. Although, the conditioner is not a leave-in product, I typically leave it in my hair until the next wash.

Whenever I use these products, I wake up with well-mannered tresses and even some slicked down baby hair action. Seriously. I’m in love. But don’t take my word for it, pick up a bottle and give it a try for yourself!


Freeman Facial Peel-Off Mask (Cucumber) Product Review

If you have never tried a facial mask, you are SERIOUSLY missing out on something amazing. Facial masks do a really great job of digging deep and removing the dirt/makeup that regular face-washing products can’t get to.

I happened upon Freeman’s Facial Peel-Off Mask (Cucumber) by accident. However, it was a moment of serendipity that has made my life and face so much better. What I LOVE about this particular mask is that it goes on clear and moist. However, within 5 – 10 minutes, it hardens, and you can then peel it off (thus the name). Maybe I’m weird, but peeling it off of my face is SO FUN! It’s equal parts amazing and disgusting!

Another great thing is that you’ll be able to see/feel the results immediately. Your skin will feel really smooth and appear very clear. I usually put a SMALL amount of coconut oil on my face after this process to replenish any moisture that’s been lost. After using the product yesterday, I went to my local MAC store and received so many compliments on my skin. It was kind of weird because that NEVER happens. This product is LITERALLY a liquid miracle!

But don’t take my word for it, head on over to your nearest drugstore and pick up a bottle for yourself. You will not regret it!

What You Should Know

Provides: “A super-cooling, skin-quenching mask that gently peels away impurities that can cause skin to be rough and dull. Contains cucumber extract and aloe to soothe while moisturizing, ensuring skin feels soft and silky-smooth after every use. Perfect for normal to combination skin.

Good for: Normal to combination skin

Active ingredients: Water, polyvinyl alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol


Revlon’s Berry Haute Lipstick Review


PofOBerryHaute2Slightly after Strawberry Sour Patch Straws, Revlon’s Berry Haute lipstick may be the best thing to ever happen to me. Seriously! If you are in search of a subtle, yet impactful purple lipstick for the fall season, this one is it! This lipstick can be so many things, depending on the lip liner and base color that you choose to pair with it.

I was going for a low key, come-hither-but-still-keep-your-distance look, so I paired the Berry Haute lipstick with MACs Chestnut and Currant lip pencils (I went very EASY on the Currant). Instant lip magic!

Take a look at the final product:






Will you be adding Berry Haute to your fall lipstick lineup? 


Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream [Product Review]


Shortly after birth, I realized that my hair is not about that staying-soft-and-moisturized life. Nope. It prefers to show out and act a fool, especially in public and in moist environments. Seriously, rain is like my kryptonite.

Although I wear hair extensions 99.9% of the time, I still like to show my natural hair some love. After all, the world has never been too kind to “bald-headed scallywags“. As such, I have been on a MAD hunt for a product that will keep my strands soft and moisturized for more than just a few seconds. Products that I’ve used in the past haven’t worked that well. My hair just laughs, rejects them and goes about it’s business (looking crazy while doing so smh).

Enter… Cantu Shea Butter ~ Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream

First and foremost, this stuff smells amazing! Seriously, walk down any beauty aisle, pop the top on this bad boy and take a whiff. Nose-gasm! But what I really love about this product is that it’s very light. It doesn’t just sit on top of the hair strand having a rooftop party. It seeps in and gets to work. After a few minutes, you’ll be able to rub your hands through your hair without getting any product on your hands. It’s really great and thus far it’s done a pretty good job of keeping my hair moisturized. This one’s definitely worth a try!

What You Should Know

Repairs: Dryness, split ends, heat-damage and frizz

Great for: Relaxed, natural, texturized, colored or permed hair

Active Ingredients: Water, canola oil, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice, rosemary


Red Lipstick for Dark-Skinned Women


There was a time when I was afraid of wearing any  color on my lips that deviated too far from the standard brown/nude tint. This was partly because I was inexperienced with makeup, but largely because I FALSELY believed that dark-skinned women could not wear colored lipstick.


Pulling off a bold lip color is all about selecting the right shade for your complexion and pairing it with a kick butt lip liner. Two of my favorite liners are Chestnut and Currant from MAC. They go with just about everything! Here are a few shots I took of me wearing MAC’s Ruby Woo:







Hair deets:

What’s your favorite bold lip color?


Nicole by OPI – Best Nail Polish?


A few months ago, I went through a phase where I wanted my nails to be really cute ALL day…EVERY DAY. This led me to put gel polish on them every three to four weeks.

I thought I was too cute! After a couple of months, I realized that this polish was eating away at my poor little nails! They were so fragile! To this day, I’m convinced that gel polish was made by Lucifer himself!

Recently, I decided to make amends with my 10 little babies and nurse them back to health. I purchased some Sally Hansen Thicken-Up! Strengthening Nail Thickener from my local CVS and put about two coats on.

IMG_9824Look at my sad little nails :(


I also decided to drop a few more dollars and pick up a better quality nail polish. *Enter* Nicole by OPI – Please Red-Cycle. I wasn’t expecting much from this polish, but boy-oh-boy was I blown away! It applied so smoothly and effortlessly. If I weren’t so dreadful at applying nail polish, the finished product would have looked perfect!

The good Lord KNOWS that I tried to stay inside the lines #thestruggle. Have any of you tried this brand of OPI nail polish?