Best Editing Apps for Instagram Photos

The key to creating an epic Instagram photo is finding the perfect app. Once you’ve done that, you’re half way to achieving Instagram fame or, at the very least, double-digit likes!

As of today, there isn’t really an all-in-one app that gets the job done in one fell swoop. However, there are a number of apps, with unique features, that can create dynamic images for free or for a nominal price. I’ve detailed some of my current favorites below:


I came across Camera+ a few months ago and fell in love instantly. It has so many different editing options like filters, crops, frames and you name it! However, what sets this particular app apart from its competition is one “scene” called Clarity. This feature adds so much depth and funkiness to photos in just one click. It’s almost like having a built-in photoshop app on your phone. This one’s definitely a must-have!




A colleague told me about Snapsneed a few weeks ago and it has quickly become my all-time favorite editing app. I won’t say much about this one, as I’ll allow the images below to speak for themselves. However, what I will say is that your Instagram followers will thank you, in the form of double-clicks, when you edit your photos using Snapsneed.

One word of caution: It can be very easy to overuse the filters (especially “HDR”), thus creating a grossly unrealistic image. Amazing still, but unrealistic. So my advice is to take it easy. A little goes a long way with this app.




This app doesn’t pull out any special tricks or over the top features to wow its users. It just does what it does, REALLY well. The available filters help to give photos a retro and somewhat ghostly vibe (depending on which ones you select). In just a few clicks, you can create extremely sharp and visually stimulating images to share with your Instagram fam!




I’ve had Studio downloaded on my phone for the longest time. However, I only recently decided to dust off the cobwebs and give it a try. It was the best decision I could have made. I was instantly smacked in the face by it’s amazingness. It does, for your photos, what Photoshop does, minus all of the frustration and time commitment!

How does Studio do it? Well, it has preset “layers” that you can use over your photos to add filters or creative messaging that says whatever the heck you’d like for it to say. This app came in handy for me during the holiday season. It’s a really great app and it creates such clean designs, making it perfect for both personal and professional use.




After light is a pretty basic app. So why is it on the list? Although it doesn’t do anything too fancy, it does have a plethora of filter options.

If you’re looking for a quick way to amp up your photos with very little thought investment, this is a great one to use.



And that’s all she wrote! Did your favorite photo editing app make the list?


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