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Five Signs That It’s Time to Uninstall Your Hair Extensions

Ladies, we’ve all been guilty of keeping hair extensions in for too long. Well, I know I have!

There were times when my hair extensions were hanging on to nothing more than a prayer and a dream. And I was absolutely shameless! You couldn’t tell me anything! Then one faithful day, I realized that I was losing my hair!

Uh-Uh. Something had to give. And it certainly wasn’t going to be any more of my hair! I soon discovered (the hard way) that I was keeping my hair extensions installed for far too long. I needed to transition into better weave-wearing practices.

So after months of trial and error, I came up with a list of tell-tale signs that will help us all determine when it’s time to just…let…go.

Let’s get started!

1. Unruly New Growth. If your new growth has caused your hair extensions to “grow” from 12 to 20 inches, I think it’s time to uninstall. New growth is great. But after being tucked away for so long, it will start to wrap around itself and cause irreparable damage.

2. Unpleasant Odor. If you’ve ever worn hair extensions, you already know the smell! The one that shampoo and conditioner can’t mask. Yea, that one. Let’s keep it real! Nobody wants to smell that. So if you ever notice an unpleasant order originating from above your neck, I’d recommend uninstalling and giving your natural hair a good wash down.

3. Tracks Hanging On For Dear Life. Bobby pins can only do so much people! If there’s ever a point where you have 50+ bobby pins holding up 2.2 tracks, it’s time to let it go! Just uninstall.

4. Permanent Ponytail. Hair extensions are not cheap. And I don’t know about you all, but I don’t buy them to keep them trapped in a permanent ponytail. If you find that your tresses have lost their lust for life, go ahead and put them out of their misery. They shouldn’t have to live like that and neither should you!

5. Shedding. If you’re leaving behind more hair than a cancerous kitten, the only thing left to do is uninstall. Seriously. There is no bigger crime in life than leaving behind trails of hair everywhere! Uninstall. Trust me, the remote, the kitchen sink, the mattress and the children will thank you!


And that’s it! These five simple tips will save us all from unnecessary headaches and hair loss. And I’m sure there are even more helpful tips! If you think of any others, please feel free to leave them in a comment down below!


7 MAC Lipsticks Every Makeup-Wearer Should Own

One of the hardest parts about shopping for lipstick is that there are SO many options! I mean, have you been to a MAC counter before? The options are limitless!

In order to make your life a bit easier, I’ve come up with seven MAC lipsticks that every girl (or guy) should have in his or her repertoire. And here they are:





Ruby Woo









Girl About Town


Flat Out Fabulous



Lady Danger



What would you add to the list?


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15 Signs that You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

Not everyone gets to live a hop, skip and a jump away from their better half. Some of us are involved in, what I’ve deemed, struggle-lationships (trademark pending). What’s that you ask? It’s when two people struggle to make a relationship work while living miles and miles apart. Not sure if you’re in a struggle-lationship? Check out these 15 signs:


1. When you’ve taken virtual dating to an all new extreme :



2. When you’ve become far too comfortable with doing things by yourself :



3. When you find joy in absolutely nothing until you’re reunited with your better half :

4. When you become extremely attached to your phone :



5. When your lover takes forever to respond to your text and you get a little upset :



6. When you see your phone bill at the end of the month and start questioning life :



7. When you see your bank statement (those flights aren’t cheap!) at the end of the month and start searching for the nearest cliff :



8. When you see couples out and about and respond accordingly :



9. When you start counting down the months, weeks, hours and minutes until you get to see your love :



10. When you start planning visits around important dates in your lives :



11. When you try to have a Skype date with your babe, but the internet decides to take the day off :



12. When it’s been so long since you’ve seen each other, that your friends start wondering whether or not you’re really in a relationship :



13. When it’s been so long that you start wondering the SAME DAMN thing :



14. When you guys finally meet up and it’s kind of awkward for those first few minutes :



15. When you guys part ways once again and it’s back to :



I’m Back to My Long Hair Don’t Care Situation

Anyone who has been around me for more than one day, knows that I like to change my hair up quite a bit (Sometimes twice in one day. But who’s going to check me, boo?).

I’ve rocked the short cut for longer than I’m comfortable mentioning, so it was definitely time for a change! *Whips out Arjuni hair stash*. Why hello there!

Here are a few pics of my latest “do”, for your viewing pleasure (Please be warned that I did NOT bring out any leave out because I am, in fact, a lazy bum…but again…who’s going to check me, boo?!):








Hair Specs:
Pattern: Wavy C  (styled with curling wand)
Luster: Low
Inches: 14 – 20
Ounces: 8


Chopped Off All My Hair And…I’m Loving It!

I finally did it guys! I cut off all of my hair. Do I regret it? Nope (At least not yet!). It’s made my life ten times easier and the short hair actually fits my face perfectly. Check out these pics and let me know what you think.















Thus far, taking care of my new hairstyle has been a breeze thanks to these Shea Moisture products found here.


11 Things Single People Are Tired of Hearing

If you’ve been single for… pretty much all your life, chances are  you’ve heard these 11 annoying things at least once!


1.  “Maybe you should settle.”



2. “Have you thought about lowering your standards?”



3. “You’re way too picky.”



4. “Looks aren’t everything.”



5. “You’re not getting any younger.”



6. “Have you tried online dating?”



7. “Marriage isn’t for everyone.”



8. “You don’t have any plans do you? Would you mind watching my kids?”



9. “You’ll find someone some day….”



10. “Maybe you should stop looking for love and let it find you.”



11. “I know a few cats that are looking for a home.”



Did I miss any?


In the meantime:



Reveling in My Passion for Photography


I own a Canon camera and I enjoy taking pictures. So, TECHNICALLY, that makes me a photographer (Who gon check me boo?)! Although I’ve spent a considerable amount of money on my gear, photography still remains a hobby for me (a very expensive one!).

Now, I’m no expert. Not even by a long shot. But, the great thing about having a hobby is that, you don’t necessarily have to be great. You just have to enjoy yourself. Check!


What’s in my camera bag?

I currently have a Canon t2i, three lenses (kit, prime, wide angle) and studio lights. Whereas my friends call it a crazy obsession, I refer to it as an unrestricted display of passion.

Anywho, here are some photos that I’ve recently snapped, which can all be found on the Gram. Enjoy!







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Happy Birthday to Me!

Last week, I turned the big 2-9 and I chose to celebrate with a few people that are near and dear to me.

I had an absolute blast! And I look forward to seeing what this year has to offer…hopefully it’s a new car (with a BMW logo on it) *cough cough*.