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15 Signs that You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

Not everyone gets to live a hop, skip and a jump away from their better half. Some of us are involved in, what I’ve deemed, struggle-lationships (trademark pending). What’s that you ask? It’s when two people struggle to make a relationship work while living miles and miles apart. Not sure if you’re in a struggle-lationship? Check out these 15 signs:


1. When you’ve taken virtual dating to an all new extreme :



2. When you’ve become far too comfortable with doing things by yourself :



3. When you find joy in absolutely nothing until you’re reunited with your better half :

4. When you become extremely attached to your phone :



5. When your lover takes forever to respond to your text and you get a little upset :



6. When you see your phone bill at the end of the month and start questioning life :



7. When you see your bank statement (those flights aren’t cheap!) at the end of the month and start searching for the nearest cliff :



8. When you see couples out and about and respond accordingly :



9. When you start counting down the months, weeks, hours and minutes until you get to see your love :



10. When you start planning visits around important dates in your lives :



11. When you try to have a Skype date with your babe, but the internet decides to take the day off :



12. When it’s been so long since you’ve seen each other, that your friends start wondering whether or not you’re really in a relationship :



13. When it’s been so long that you start wondering the SAME DAMN thing :



14. When you guys finally meet up and it’s kind of awkward for those first few minutes :



15. When you guys part ways once again and it’s back to :


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