• Canon 70D Camera

    New Year, New Me?

    I won’t sit here and pretend like this will be the year that I miraculously turn into a whole new person. Nah, fam. That would be a lie. Truth be told, I’m…

  • Sequin-Dress
    What To Wear

    Sequins and Sparkly Things

    Like a true procrastinator, I waited until the last possible minute to pick out a dress for this year’s holiday party. Luckily for me, I was able to find this sequin,…

  • Zara-Antik-Penny-Loafers
    What To Wear

    Zara’s Antik Penny Loafers

    I didn’t do very much shopping during the Thanksgiving holiday. However, I did pick up one or two things, including these adorable black Antik Penny Loafers from Zara. Haven’t had a chance…

  • Dating-a-man-with-child

    Wait. You Have A Child AND An Ex-Wife?

    Let’s get right to the point! The other night, I was out on a 3rd date with a young red-headed gentleman. We were having a few drinks when out of nowhere he…

  • Strongin

    I’m Not A Photographer But…

    This week, I had an opportunity to snap a few photos of my buddy Ry-Ry, in the mean streets of Downtown Los Angeles. He’s starting a pretty dope clothing line called…

  • IMG_1978

    New Hair for the Winter

    With winter just around the corner, I figured that this was the perfect time to take my 24-inch hair extensions for a spin!…